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Sequencing Services

The Core provides automated DNA sequencing to scientists world-wide. The sequencing is performed by our staff of research associates who are available for technical support in preparing samples, interpreting research results and trouble-shooting problems. The Core also maintains ties to a network of researchers on the UCLA campus and elsewhere to whom questions can be referred.

Sequencing is performed on Applied Biosystems 3730 Capillary DNA Analyzers that use capillary technology to achieve high quality, high throughput sequencing. The sequencing results are stored to a database system that manages and archives the sequencing data.

WebSeq sequence retrieval logon and webseq instructions page.

Sequencing Services Contact Info

The Sequencing and Genotyping Core is located at

36-125 CHS
UCLA Center for Health Sciences Building
UCLA Campus Map
Open 9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri, excluding university holidays

For more information about sequencing at the Core, call 310-825-5488

For more information about NextGensequencing at the Core, call 310-267-2461

or contact:

Uma Dandekar, GenoSeq Core Assistant Director
Phone: 310-267-2461
Fax: 310-794-5446
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