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GenoSeq Seminars

Upcoming Events

Past Events 2014

Biotechnology Vendor Showcase
Visit us at Table #39 and discover how the GenoSeq Core can help you achieve your research goals.
10am-2pm, Ackerman Union, Grand Ballroom, 2nd Floor
FREE food and doorprizes
UCLA's 13th Annual Statistical Genetics Short Course

The 2014 UCLA Statistical Genetics Short Course was held on the UCLA campus.
For information about the course, visit the course website
or email
7 - 11 July 2014
Discover Epigenomic Variation with a Flexible Targeted Bisulfite Sequencing Method
A variety of Enrichment Kits enable the targeting of selected genomic regions and your custom region
of interest, in the epigenome with the only custom enrichment solution for bisulfite sequencing.
These kits can serve as a screening tool in order to identify specific regions in the genome for
methylation variation assessment.
DNA/RNA Sequencing & Genotyping Analysis Workshop
New analytic methods and tools for working with high-throughput genomic data.
A combination of educational lectures, live demonstrations, and hands-on experience. 
Demonstrations and afternoon hands-on session will use SVS and the cutting-edge (and FREE) GenomeBrowse platforms from Golden Helix.


The QuantStudio 3D
A New Digital PCR Technology for Absolute Quantitation, Copy Number Analysis and Rare Variant Detection

The GenoSeq Core has recently acquired a QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR instrument. 
Join us for lunch to learn about applications of this technology, and find out how you can use this instrument in your research.
UCLA's 12th Annual Statistical Genetics Short Course

The 2013 UCLA Statistical Genetics Short Course was held in Melbourne, Australia.
For information about the course, visit the course website
or email
9 - 13 September 2013
Practical Tips for Applying the MIQE Guidelines to Your qPCR Workflow
From Bench to Publication

Special Guest Speaker: Greg Shipley, PhD
Co-Author of MIQE Guidelines

There were three main goals when the MIQE Guidelines manuscript was put together: 
*To give guidance to the investigator performing qPCR within their studies so that the data would be valid; 
*To ensure that the experiments could be repeated by another investigator and understood by reviewers; and 
*To facilitate the rapid publication of manuscripts with qPCR data. 

Dr. Shipley will cover all the guidelines and offer clarification for many of the requirements with examples/tips
on how to satisfy some requirements with the least amount of time.
A Breakthrough in Quantitative PCR: Droplet Digital PCR

Droplet Digital PCR: a next generation solution for the absolute quantification of copy number and gene expression

SPEAKER: Fiona Hanner, Ph.D., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Digital PCR enables the absolute quantification of nucleic acids in a sample. The lack of scalable and practical
technologies for digital PCR implementation has hampered widespread adoption of this inherently powerful technique.
We will present an elegant, simple to adopt platform for digital PCR that utilizes currently available probe-based assays.
The talk will provide a technical overview of the QX100™ droplet digital PCR (ddPCR™) system that enables processing of
2 million data point in a 96-well plate format. Data from key applications will be presented to demonstrate the benefits
of massive partitioning, including precision and sensitivity that far exceed what is currently possible with real-time PCR.
We will focus on two key applications: the accurate quantification of germline copy number variation and the power of
absolute quantification and droplet partitioning for challenging gene expression studies. We anticipate the QX100 ddPCR
system will allow researchers to explore complex genetic landscapes, discover and validate new disease associations,
and define a new era of molecular diagnostics. 



CTSI & GenoSeq Core Workshop

CTSI Introduction and Core Voucher Program
9:30am - 9:45am

UCLA GenoSeq Core Introduction and Pilot Grant 454 Sequencing program
9:45am - 9:55am

Roche 454 Sequencing: "Technology Update with a Focus on Infectious Disease and Immune Response Research"
Speaker: Sepideh Rogers, Roche Applied Science, Field Applications Specialist
9:55am - 10:35am 

Fluidigm Access Array: "Removing the Sample Prep Bottleneck - Access Array for Targeted Resequencing"
Speaker: Dr. Caroline Dando, Sales Application Scientist
10:35am - 11:05am 

This Seminar showcases technology/products currently located in the GenoSeq Core:
Fluidigm's Access Array & Roche's GS Junior and GS FLX+ Sequencing Systems.

11th Annual Statistical Genetics Short Course

July 23-27, 2012, on the UCLA Campus

The UCLA Department of Human Genetics will be offering a five day intensive course on
state-of-the-art statistical genetics methods for detection of genetic loci for complex traits,
either qualitative or quantitative. Each day will include hands-on computer exercises using
statistical genetics  software, especially the Mendel software package.

For information about the course, visit the course website
or email
Illumina MiSeq Application Workshop
This workshop will provide information on Illumina's MiSeq next-generation sequencing system and applications, 
the GenoSeq Core and the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI).


*12:00-12:15 - Overview of GenoSeq Core. Uma Dandekar, GenoSeq Assistant Director

*12:15-12:30 - Overview of CTSI. Kavitha Rajavel, PhD (CTSI Technology Officer)

*12:30-1:00 - Enabling a new era of genomics with the MiSeq System. Jonathan Bell (Product Applications)

*1:00-1:15 - High-throughput Sequencing Data Analysis. David Elashoff, PhD (Leader, CTSI Biostatistics Program)

*1:15-1:30 - Q & A

UCLA Center of Integrated Genomics Open House

The open house will start with a genomics seminar and brief presentations of the core labs.
(Lunch provided)

Seminar Title: Ion Torrent Technology & Applications
Presented by Janine McMurdie.
Life Technologies, Inc.
(Ion Torrent grant program will be announced)

The seminar will be followed by a guided tour of the core labs

Clinical Microarray Core (38-123 CHS)
GenoSeq Core (5309 Gonda Bldg)
High-Throughput Clinical Proteomics (HTCP) Core
(1434 Molecular Sciences Building)

For additional information, please contact:

Jamie Zhou for Clinical Microarray Core
Uma Dandekar for GenoSeq Core
James LeBlanc for High-Throughput Clinical Proteomics Core



NanoString: Accelerating Translational Research
Highly multiplexed, enzyme-free, truly direct, digital quantification of intact and degraded nucleic acid levels
with under 2 minutes hands-on time
New Developments in R&D: nCounter miRNA Panels, and Introducing the New nCounter miRGE CodeSet. 
Detecting miRNAs and mRNAs in a single tube

UCLA's Statistical Genetics Short Course

22 - 26 August 2011

The 2011 UCLA Statistical Genetics Short Course was held in Barcelona, Spain.
Each day includes hands-on computer exercises using statistical genetics software, especially the Mendel software package.

For information about the course, visit the course website
or email


Pyrosequencing for methylation analysis, SNP genotyping, microbial ID, High Resolution Melt (HRM), digital electrophoresis
Proximity Ligation Assays for the Detection and Quantification of Cellular Protein Expression Using Taqman qPCR Chemistry
Using Real-Time PCR to its Fullest Potential: Expression and Sequence Analysis

John Pollinger, PhD
Director, Conservation Genetics Resource Center
Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Bio & Ctr for Tropical Research, Inst of the Environment

UCLA's Statistical Genetics Short Course

The 2010 UCLA Statistical Genetics Short Course was held at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Each day includes hands-on computer exercises using statistical genetics software, especially the Mendel software package.

For information about the course, visit the course website
or email

15 - 20 August 2010
Novel Bayesian Change-Point Definition for Vector Integration Hot-Spots Following Stem Cell Transplant Supports Lentiviral Gene Therapy
Angela Presson
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Departments of Biostatistics and Pediatrics
UCLA School of Public Health


Fluidigm BioMark Genetic Analysis System

The GenoSeq Core has recently acquired a new technology: the Fluidigm BioMark Genetic Analysis System

This instrument employs integrated fluidic circuits at nanolitre volumes in digital arrays,
and can be used for Digital PCR, moderate throughput SNP Genotyping,
Single Cell Gene Expression, and more.

More information on BioMark Applications
Clinical Translation of Tests for Rare Genetic Diseases
A Referral Resource for Research Laboratories at UCLA

Wayne W. Grody, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, UCLA Orphan Disease Testing Center

Josh Deignan, Ph.D.
Associate Director, UCLA Orphan Disease Testing Center

Michelle Fox, M.S., CGC
Genetic Counselor

More Information.
High Throughput Genomics Quantitative Nuclease Protection Assay (qNPA)


Overview of Current Strategies in qPCR Design:
Introducing Thermo Scientific Solaris qPCR Assays
The 2009 UCLA Statistical Genetics Short Course was held at UCLA.
Each day includes hands-on computer exercises using statistical genetics software, especially the Mendel software package.

For information about the course, visit the course website
or email

24 - 28 August 2010
A Rapid and Cost Effective Technology
for Quantitative Genotyping, DNA Methylation,
and Short-Read Sequencing Analysis
More Information.
Nanoliter-Scale Real-Time PCR for Medium to High Throughput Studies
Speaker One: Dr. Robert Slinger
 Director of the Medical Microbiology Residency Program at the University of Ottawa
Nanoliter PCR for Detection of Infectious Disease Agents:
Current and Future Applications in Clinical Microbiology

Speaker Two: Dr. Colin Brenan
 Chief Technology Officer BioTrove, Inc.
Nanoliter-scale real-time PCR for basic research and translational 
clinical medicine involving genotyping, mRNA and miRNA expression analysis

Next Generation Sequencing Technology & Core Titanium Upgrade
Roche Applied Science.
Dr. Rob Edwards
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Biology
San Diego State University
Visiting Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory


Next Generation Sequencing Informatic Solutions.
SoftGenetics LLC.
Next Generation Sequencing and Applications.
Roche Applied Science. 
Demonstration of Whole Genome Structural Variation and Gene Expression Discovery on Next Generation Sequencing Technology.
Applied Biosystems
PCR Arrays: Advanced qPCR Technology to Enhance your Pathway Analysis.
SuperArray Bioscience Corporation
UCLA qPCR Office Hours.
Applied Biosystems 


UCLA qPCR Office Hours.
Applied Biosystems 
UCLA qPCR Office Hours.
Applied Biosystems 
UCLA qPCR Office Hours.
Applied Biosystems 
UCLA GenoSeq Core presents: Assessing DNA Methylation.
SNP Detection and Methylation Quantification using High Resolution Melting on the LightCycler 480.
Roche Applied Science
UCLA qPCR Office Hours.
Applied Biosystems 
UCLA qPCR Office Hours.
Applied Biosystems 
DNA From Saliva.
DNA Genotek
Methylation and Gene Copy Number Analysis.
Applied Biosystems
Applied Biosystems
Critical Factors for Gene Silencing.


Solutions for RNAi and RNA Sample Prep Using Ambion Products.
Applied Biosystems
GeXP ­Gene Expression & SNP Genotyping.
Beckman Coulter
siRNA Basics: Secrets to Successful RNAi Experiments.
Ambion and Applied Biosystems
Panomics: A System for Simultaneous Quantification of Multiple mRNA Transcripts.
A New Room-Temperature, Dry DNA Storage Solution.
TaqMan-based Expression Profiles of microRNAs in Stem Cells and Cancers.
Applied Biosystems
A Revolutionary Technique for High Throughput DNA Analysis.
Roche Applied Science
Whole Genome Amplification.
Genome Wide Applications of Sequencing-by-Synthesis.
Mutation Analysis using the Pyrosequencer.


Genomic Data Analysis: Web Tools and Database Resources.
New Method for Non-Invasive Collection of Large Amounts of DNA from Saliva.
New SNP Genotyping Service.
Real-Time Gene Expression.
Roche Applied Science
To thank our customers for their support, the UCLA Sequencing & Genotyping Core hosts Customer Appreciation Week
May 16 - 20, with Daily Gift Giveaways.
Gene Expression.
Applied Biosystems
Fast, Accurate qRT-PCR Without RNA Isolation; RNAi Basics and siRNA Experimental Design.


Overcoming Pitfalls in Real-Time PCR and Relative Quantification.
Getting The Most Out Of Your Sequencing Samples.
Statistical Genetics Short Course
23-27 August 2004 at UCLA
For information about the course, visit the course website
or email
SNPlex SNP genotyping.
Pyrosequencing Applications for DNA methylation, multifactorial disease, and haplotyping.


Sequencing & Genotyping Core exhibit at the 2003 American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting.
11/5/03 through 11/7/03
Nanoliter Genomic Workstation, Parallab Technology: Integrated Nanoliter Genomic Workstation.
TempliPhiTM, an alternative to DNA plasmid amplification.
Power of the Mouse Genome.
Real-Time PCR.
Pyrosequencing Seminar.


Taqman Seminar.
WAVE Seminar.
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