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GenoSeq Core Prices

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Sequencing Prices listed are for individual samples. Contact us for special rates on large projects.

Service Price
Full Service $5.75 per reaction
Ready To Run $4.75 per reaction
Sephadex Plate Purification $25 per plate

Genotyping and Other Services

These figures should be used as estimates only. Before you run your project, you must meet with the Core to obtain a quote, as details of your project set-up may affect the cost.

Service Platform Price
SNP Genotyping Fluidigm, ABI7900, Lightcycler 480, PSQMA Contact us for quote
Microsatellite Genotyping ABI 3730 xl GenomeScans or Custom Markers Contact us for quote
Ready-to-Run Genotyping Plate ABI 3730 xl $125 per plate academic
$200 per plate non-academic
Ready to Run Real Time PCR ABI7900, Lightcycler 480 $45 per run
Full Service Real Time PCR ABI7900, Lightcycler 480, Fluidigm Contact us for quote
Ready to Run Pyrosequencing-PSQMA PSQMA (This is NOT NextGen sequencing) Ask for Quote
Pyrosequencing Primer Design PSQMA $60 per SNP
Ask for quote for methylation
Illumina MiSeq Genome Sequencing Illumina MiSeq Contact us for quote
Bioanalyzer Agilent Bioanalyzer $110 per chip
Nanophotometer Implen NanoPearl Contact us for information.
Coulter Counter Beckman Z2 Contact us for information.

Uma Dandekar, GenoSeq Core Assistant Director
Phone: 310-267-2461
Fax: 310-794-5446
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