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MiSeq Next-Generation Sequencing System


To find out more about this technology go to illumina MiSeq Page

The MiSeq personal sequencer delivers the fastest time to answer, a revolutionary workflow, and the widest breadth of sequencing applications, all in a compact and economical instrument. The MiSeq system uses TruSeq chemistry, the same proven reversible-terminator sequencing by synthesis technology used by all Illumina sequencing platforms.

MiSeq personal sequencing system performs both single and paired-end runs with read lengths of up to 2 x 300 base pairs. MiSeq system is capable of generating up to 4.6Gb of data per run. This platform also leverages a new proprietary protocol for efficient and cost-effective targeting of 10-100 amplicons.


The MiSeq instrument can generate up to 25 million sequencing reads (300 bases paired end) per flow cell. The large number of reads make it a great platform for projects requiring greater coverage such as ChIP-Seq, transcript counts, SNP detection, and small RNA analysis.

The Miseq enables researchers to go from sample prep to data analysis in as little as eight hours.

High Throughput Sequencing Services Contact Info

The Sequencing and Genotyping Core is located at
36-125 CHS
UCLA Center for Health Sciences Building
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Open 9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri, excluding university holidays

For more information about sequencing at the Core, call 310-267-2461 or contact:
Uma Dandekar, GenoSeq Core Assistant Director
Phone: 310-267-2461
Fax: 310-794-5446
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