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The UCLA Genotyping and Sequencing Core

GenoSeq, the UCLA Genotyping and Sequencing Core, is a state-of-the-art laboratory facility equipped with the latest genomic technologies. The GenoSeq Core provides services to research groups on the UCLA campus and in the broader scientific community. The Core contributes to research throughout the world, including projects from Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and a project analyzing samples from Antarctica. Approximately 4000 scientists from over 600 academic, government, and commercial labs have used the Core since 2000. The Core is part of the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, whose Medical Center has been rated one of the country’s top three hospitals, and number one on the west coast, for 18 consecutive years.

The GenoSeq Core is involved in a broad range of scientific research. Medical research performed at the GenoSeq Core includes studies of human neurological disorders, such as autism, bipolar disorder, and epilepsy; cancers of breast, colon, lung, and prostate; cardiac disease; and digestive disorders. The GenoSeq Core also carries out studies of the genetics of non-human organisms including wolves in Yellowstone Park, endangered California condors, giraffes, whales, crickets, and oak. See more projects.

The GenoSeq Core is closely linked to the UCLA Bioinformatics Core in Gonda Center, which provides the computing power and sophisticated software needed to analyze and interpret the unprecedented volume of genetic data being generated with modern laboratory automation.

Announcing New Low Sequencing Prices for 2015!

We have launched a revised pricing structure for the new year, affecting many of our sequencing and genotyping services. Contact us for details.

The GenoSeq Core can be found on the third floor of the Center for the Health Sciences, CHS36-125


For maps of the UCLA campus click here. For a floor map of the third floor of CHS, and directions to the new GenoSeq Core location, click here.

Our staff, phone numbers, and email contacts will not change.
For Sequencing call 310-825-5488.
For Genotyping call 310-267-2461

New! Sample Pick-Up Service

To ease the transition to our new location for our loyal users, we will be launching a sample pick-up service. We will pick up your samples anywhere on the UCLA campus. Our daily pick-up will be between noon and 1:00PM. To arrange for pick-up, log your samples using your WebSeq account and choosing R2R or Full Service Signup. In the comments field, record the pickup room, building, and location of your samples within the lab. Print the barcode from the signup webpage, and display it with your samples. We will provide you with a sample drop box for future pick-up requests.

New! QuantStudio Digital PCR

We have been awarded funds from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research to purchase a QuantStudio Digital PCR instrument. Digital PCR allows precise quantification of DNA in quantities down to a single molecule. We will be holding a seminar soon to launch this new service. For more information about Digital PCR, click here.

We look forward to continuing to serve you from our new location!

The GenoSeq Core provides services in the following areas:

Contact us for more information on using the GenoSeq Core

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