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Sequencing Services

  • Download Your Results

Download Your Results From WebSeq:

When you open an account with us you will receive a user name and password that will allow you to access files posted on WebSeq, our online sequence retrieval system. Each PI account will receive one user name and password for all users of that account. Results remain posted on WebSeq for a period of 90 days. You need to contact us to retrieve files older than 90 days. WebSeq will show your latest 1000 sequences. Click on the "date" column heading to bring your most recent results to the top of the list. Samples are processed in batches hence not all your results may be posted at the same time. For more information about using WebSeq, see the WebSeq help page

Files in the form of *ABI file (.abi) contain the nucleotide sequence, electropherogram, and other information about the run conditions. Your will need a piece of software called a "viewer" on your computer that allows you to see your sequence. There are many free viewers available on the internet such as Chromas (PC only), FinchTV (PC/Mac) (alternate download), and Sequencher (PC/Mac). We recommend Sequence Scanner (PC only) from Applied Biosystems as it allows you to view the "raw" data which shows the amount of product produced from the sequencing reaction.

For a list of sequence alignment software, visit wikipedia

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