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Fluidigm BioMark Genetic Analysis System and Access Array

The GenoSeq Core has recently acquired a new technology: the Fluidigm BioMark Genetic Analysis System

This instrument employs integrated fluidic circuits at nanoliter volumes in digital arrays in two formats:

48.48 – 48 samples x 48 assays
96.96 – 96 samples x 96 assays

It can be used for Digital PCR, moderate throughput SNP Genotyping, Single Cell Gene Expression, Next Gen Sample Preparation and more.


Access Array: The Access Array System is the first high-throughput, target-enrichment system designed to work with all of the major next-generation sequencing instruments. Access Array
Copy number Variation: The digital array is the new standard for high resolution CNV studies. Copy Number Variation
Gene Expression:The BioMark system enables new levels of throughput, savings and ease-of-use for real-time qPCR gene expression. Gene Expression
Next Gen Sequencing:DNA Sequencing Sample Preparation:The Fluidigm Access Array™ System and SlingShot kit deliver fast, accurate and inexpensive sample preparation and quantification, allowing you to get the most out of your sequencer. Next Gen Sample Preparation
Single Cell Gene Expression:The BioMark system enables single-cell gene expression profiling in a massively parallel format. Single Cell Gene Expression
SNP Genotyping:The BioMark system or the Fluidigm EP1 system delivers a new level of high throughput, low cost genotyping while using currently available chemistry.SNP Genotyping

For Flow sorting single cell available UCLA resources are:

BSCRC Flow Cytometry Core
JCCC Flow Cytometry Core


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